Thursday, 11 September 2014

Le Advocates...starting now!

Hello everyone! Well, assuming that I have an audience that qualifies as everyone. I am both pleased and excited to announce to you that my blog has a new phase and tune coming to it. Le Advocates! Wonder what it is? Ok...
     It is bringing the legal profession(als) and their world to you in the most interesting and entertaining way possible. And to make it more interesting, it is to appeal to an audience larger than just lawyers but to everyone that loves the news. How would I do this? Just come here everyday.
     Why not stick to everyday blogging? Nah... That's everywhere! Plus, I happen to be a lawyer too, so.... You'll have fun. I promise.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Gay couples seem to have a reason to celebrate in the state of California, united states as the supreme court make it possible for them to live as free and relaxed as "normal" couples in the state. the federal law denying them federal benefits such as tax, health and pension benefits have been struck down.
However, the justices were careful not to have an opinion as to the validity or otherwise of gay marriages, as they merely ruled the California proposition 8 to be unconstitutional. well, i think the ruling says it all.
Gov. Jerry brown on the other hand left to doubt in our mind as he immediately ordered that marriage licenses be issued to gay couples as soon as federal appeals court lifts its hold on lower court ruling, possibly next month.
Is it just me or are congratulations in order for divorce lawyers as well?


bsolutely "diva-licious" Dr Anne Okoro makes this month's aliceBS diva of the month. she combines her pretty face and smile with a very endearing personality that not only oozes a satisfactory blend of warm-heartedness but also a heart melting voice, spiced also with the most beautiful figure that.............. ok that's enough! beginning to sound like a food recipe.